We are doing our bit, join us!

Why this bend to the brand?

Are we someone believes in making great products and making our customer's feel good every they try us? Oh yes, we live for that smile :-)

But is that our only driving force? Perhaps not!

Time to Give Back!

While we are fortunate enough in life to reach this page, read these contents and try our products, many unfortunately are not. Yes, it does feel bad to write it but it is rather unfortunate and the reality!

We are inspired by Nature which gives us so many things for free and never expects anything from us. Deep within we are driven by a purpose to spread this motherly love, security and happiness in ways we can. Happiness perhaps is the only emotion, that multiplies faster than anything - all you need to do is share it!

How Do we Give Back!

We are partnered with Wings of Dreams, an NGO based out of Pune that works with children, women of underprivileged sections of society and on issues related to environment hazards. We are partnered with Wings of Dreams to specifically help girl children to educate them, provide basic healthcare facilities and help them dream again in life, something that we all take for granted!

2% of our overall business today is contributed towards the welfare of these kids. Are we able to change the world around with 2%? Absolutely not! Are we too doing this for tax exemptions? You bet not! We are just a drop in the ocean but we want to continue pouring many drops per our capacity and try to bring a change to someone's life.  

How can you partner in Give Back?

There are two very simple ways - continue loving us as you indirectly continue in the contributions towards this cause. However, you can also get in touch with the NGO authorities to connect directly and help in their cause. Donations in monetary, kind and efforts are all accepted with open arms. To know more on how you too can individually contribute pls reach out to us at hello@orgaknicks.com