A quick peep into our world!

Should You Care? 

We know you are here to figure out who the hell are we and why should you really try us!! Are we the first, the only, the biggest, the fastest or world no.1 in anything we do? Absolutely not!

Should you then take us seriously? Well, absolutely yes! Why? Because we are obsessed with how we treat our customers and the problems we solve for them. We don't claim, we deliver. Period!

We at Orgaknicks are a team of beauty experts, enthusiasts and evangelists of nurturing the most potent ingredient we have - mother nature. We make 100% handmade, completely plant based hair and skin care products, with 0% additives, chemicals or preservatives. We have zero tolerance for lack of integrity and we always walk the extra mile to make our customers feel happy. 

What Drives Us?

Gratitude and Simplicity are perhaps the two most driving factors in our lives and that transcends into the work we do. We are thankful to nature to have bestowed us with so many wonderful gifts, that are readily available and simple to use. Therefore we are on a mission to spread this message to build and community of like minded people that embraces the gift of nature. Do we stop at making some amazingly wonderful products? Hell NO!! We take the love and trust bestowed upon us as an opportunity to give back to nature. And what better way to serve nature than to serve its most adorable and purest form - kids!

2% of our overall business goes into activities like child education, healthcare, welfare and other sensitive activities. We would encourage you to not only keep shopping with us but also become part of our larger missions to give back to society. To know more visit our Give Back section and do your bit of spreading smiles :-)