Plant More

We encourage all our users to partner with us on our mission to make the planet greener and healthier for us and our future generations.

we are sure you would have received a tiny bottle with seeds in them. wait no more with it and take your first step to planting them. Follow the below instructions to plant them and enjoy a fulfilling experience in this journey!

Steps to Plant:

  1. Soak the sunflower seeds for 12-24 hours in water.
  2. Take a Seedling tray and fill it with any good manure.
  3. Make ½ inch deep hole and put 2 seeds in each hole.
  4. Fill the hole with manure and spray with water using spray gun or spray bottle.
  5. Sow the seeds vertically on the sprouting side.
  6. Keep the soil moist, not soggy.
  7. Seeds will germinate within 1-2 weeks.
  8. Full sunlight is needed.
  9. The time to flower is 5-6 weeks.

Enjoy planting and help us make this planet greener, healthier and much more wonderful!